Why We Give Back

‘It’s important for us to give back’

The Strang family explains why they have elected to donate their estate to La Salle.

edward and margaret strang

Edward Strang, ’67, and Margaret (nee Ryan) Strang, ’85, share an eternal bond as husband and wife. They also share a passion for and commitment to La Salle University.

The couple, who live in Valley Forge, Pa., will bequeath their estate to the University. They will gift 75 percent of their estate to the La Salle Fund and allocate the remaining 25 percent to the La Salle men’s basketball team.

“We feel an obligation to La Salle University because it’s where we received an education that positioned us for success in our lives,” Ed said. “It’s important for graduates like ourselves to show the University loyalty with support through our planned giving.”

“In 1996, when we were married,” Maggie said, “we decided it would be important for us to give back to a University that gave us so much.”

The couple named La Salle in their last will and testament more than two decades ago. As they began planning their financial affairs, La Salle “was at the top of our list” of institutions to support, they said. They know their planned gift will support student scholarships and the overall financial wellness of the University.

When reminiscing about their La Salle experiences, they evoke stories of faculty members and administrators who care deeply for their students and a University that invests in the community in which it calls home.

Maggie recalls compassionate chemistry professors helping her “master complex concepts that didn’t come easy to me.” Those same professors worked with students on soft skills, too.

“They taught us to focus on values and utilize the same kind of principles that would support us in the workplace and beyond,” she said.

Ed remembers a University community that has continued to “anchor a great neighborhood in Philadelphia,” and help support revitalization through job creation and countless community service hours completed by La Salle students. He chuckles with fondness when he discusses his commencement ceremony, held at the since-razed Convention Hall in West Philadelphia.

“We have been impressed and are re-inspired as donors by the leadership provided by President Colleen Hanycz since her arrival in 2015 and that of her administration in creating energy on campus and implementing fresh, forward-looking concepts pertaining to critical facets of the University,” Ed said.

Ed earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is retired following a lengthy career in the banking industry, serving in executive leadership roles for the last 25 years. He oversaw commercial units, supervised teams, and supported the growth and strategic direction of credit, lending, and asset portfolios. He continues to work part-time in consultancy capacities.

Maggie studied nursing, earning a degree that complemented her professional pursuit. She spent 25 years at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in addition to serving in management capacities at a number of hospitals around the city. Today, she works in a part-time capacity as an educator in a practical nursing program.

“We would encourage alumni and friends of La Salle to also consider planned giving to the University,” Maggie said.