Prospective Students

To be eligible for admission to La Salle University through the Academic Discovery Program, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • be a resident of Pennsylvania,
  • demonstrate that the support services of the ADP would be beneficial and that he or she has the ability and motivation to graduate from La Salle,
  • file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1, but no later than March 15, and send a copy of this application to the Day Admissions Office at La Salle University,
  • have financial need as determined through the FAFSA Form,
  • complete all application materials and visit the campus for a personal interview and testing.

Timeline for Applicants

Time ADP Applicant
Fall of senior year of high school The ADP Director visits Philadelphia high schools to inform students about the program and its benefits. Complete the ADP application (in full), and return it to the ADP for consideration. Additional applications may be requested through the ADP office.
December, January, and February of senior year of high school The ADP Director conducts one-on-one interviews with applicants and reviews the applications. Applicants are invited to ADP for some preliminary skills testing, an interview, a tour of the campus, and lunch.
March 15 Complete and submit FAFSA.*
Late Spring of Senior Year (April and May) ADP sends out conditional acceptances for student applicants. The acceptance is conditional upon data that is determined by the FAFSA form. Students who meet the criteria will be offered acceptance into the program and students whose financial information does not meet the criteria will have their conditional acceptances rescinded.

* FAFSA forms can be submitted anytime after January 1. The sooner the FAFSA is submitted, the sooner the ADP has the financial information necessary to determine whether or not the program can accept the applicant.