The La Salle Brand

Everyone deserves to be truly known.

As a Lasallian institution, we’re driven by the belief that all knowledge is practical. Beyond that, we believe that our ability to know one another, and ourselves, is critical to how we succeed in and serve the world at large.

Our new brand campaign seeks to put this belief front and center, as we call everyone — student, faculty, and alum — to be known for more.

Facebook Ad featuring African American male student

Building a brand takes time.

Through rigorous research and data-backed strategy, we’ve shaped a new brand rooted in who we are now, how we want to be known in the world — and who we’ll be in the future. The result? A totally new look and feel that captures what it means to live and learn the Lasallian way.

Facebook Ad. Be Seen Be Heard. Be Known for More.

A call for all to be known.

The video you’ll see today is just a hint of what’s to come. Nicknamed “College Decision”, this video represents our fundamental call to Explorers: to reject the usual path, and embrace a life of fulfillment — one where everyone can be known for their whole story.