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No matter which major you choose, the La Salle School of Business provides an innovative education that prepares you to do purposeful business. Explore our programs to find your best fit.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Programs of Distinction

4-Year BS/MBA in Accounting

We offer the only 4-Year BS/MBA in Accounting in region, so you can finish your bachelor’s degree in less time, but with no less education. You’ll complete your undergraduate degree in accounting in three years, and move directly into a full-time MBA program your senior year. This program meets the 150-credit requirement for the CPA certification and licensure exam in Pennsylvania, and throughout the U.S.

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Business Scholars Co-op

Gain hands-on professional experience at top companies while earning a paycheck and academic credit. As a Business Scholars Co-op student, you’ll have the unique opportunity to graduate in four years with two full-time co-op experiences.

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Business Leadership Fellows

If you want to want to be a leader, this transformational new leadership development program provides students with the additional advantage through some incredible experiences both inside and outside the classroom. The program is designed to help fast track hard-working students in attaining the skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence to differentiate themselves when entering an increasingly competitive global market. As a La Salle Business Leadership Fellow, you won’t be facing the competition. The competition will be facing you.

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