Latin American Studies Minor

Program Description

The minor in Latin American Studies can complement any major with a series of six courses that emphasize the history, politics, economics, literature, language and art of the region. Latin America comprises more than twenty countries in the Western Hemisphere and is an area with deep and complex ties to the United States. A student can expect to develop a broad perspective on the Americas through comparative and interdisciplinary study that will also lend itself to professional preparation for many fields.

Why take this minor?

The LAS minor offers students the opportunity for students in any major to engage in the interdisciplinary study of a major world region with close ties to the United States. It encourages and prepares students to study abroad or participate in a travel study course or do an original research project, among other opportunities for engaged learning.

Student Learning Outcomes

On completing the program Latin American Studies Minors should:

  • Have at least a basic ability to read, speak and write the Spanish language or, for students with greater initial knowledge, a more sophisticated grasp of Spanish grammar and usage
  • Be able to explain major characteristics of Latin American history, politics, and culture

Number of Courses Required for Graduation


Number of Credits Required for Graduation


Minor Requirements

Six three-credit courses distributed as follows. As course offerings change, please see Director for other approved courses on a semester-to-semester basis.

TWO Spanish language courses: 100 through 400-level

  • SPN 101, 102    Elementary Spanish
  • SPN 201, 202    Intermediate Spanish
  • SPN 203, 204    Spanish for Heritage Speakers
  • SPN 301, 302    Spanish Conversation and Composition
  • SPN 307   Commercial Spanish
  • SPN 401   History of the Spanish Language

FOUR courses drawn from at least THREE of the following departments:

History (HIS 307, HIS 308, special topics)

  • HIS 307    Colonial Latin America
  • HIS 308    Latin America in Revolution

Political Science / Economics (POL/ECN 334, special topics)

  • POL / ECN 334   Political Economy of Latin America

Art and Art History (ARTH 224, special topics)

  • ARTH 224 Introduction to Latin American Art History

Spanish (SPN 313, 322, 350, 351, 442, 443, 448, special topics)

  • SPN 350-351     Introduction to Bilingual-Bicultural Studies (in Spanish)
  • SPN 313   Survey of Spanish American Literature (in Spanish)
  • SPN 322   Survey of Spanish American Culture (in Spanish)
  • SPN 442   Romanticism (in Spanish)
  • SPN 443   19th and 20th century poetry (in Spanish)
  • SPN 448   The Spanish American Novel (in Spanish)

Travel Study Course to a country in Latin America (multiple departments)

Courses are not sequenced but it is recommended that a student take two courses per year starting in the Sophomore year.