Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

2023-24 Undergraduate Tuition
(Basic full-time tuition per year, all programs):


*Amount does not include University or program fees, board, meal plans, living and transportation expenses, and other personal expenses

2023-24 Part-Time Tuition
(part-time and overload)


per credit hour

2023–24 Adult Program Tuition
(varies by program, see below)


per credit hour

2023-2024 Rates

Tuition and fees for 2022-23 can be found here.

Residence Hall Rates

All rates are per semester.

Double Room without A/C $4,190
Double room with A/C $4,355
Single Room without A/C $4,355
Apartment Double without A/C $4,355
Suite/Quad with A/C $4,805
Apartment Single without A/C $4,805
Large Single without A/C $4,805
Large single room with A/C $5,055
Townhouse/Apartment Double Room with A/C $5,055
Townhouse/Apartment Single Room with A/C $5,300
Suite/quad (Large Single) with A/C $5,300

Meal Plan Rates

All rates are per semester.

Explorer All Access w/ $300 SFA $4,148
Explorer 15 w/ $150 SFA $3,444
Block 175 w/ $200 SFA $2,247
Block 125 w/ $200 SFA $1,671
Block 75 w/ $250 SFA $1,166
Block 25 w/ $400 SFA $760

University Fees

All fees are per semester unless noted otherwise.

University Fee (Full-time students) $550
General University Fee (Part-time students) $250
Orientation Fee (Freshmen, Fall semester only) $350
Student Activity Fee (Full-time students) $100
Graduation Fee (Graduating Students, one-time fee) $100
Tevera Access Fee (one-time fee)** $215
Nursing Test Assessment Fee (per course) $150
Nursing Clinical Fee (per clinical) $125
Science Lab Fee (per course) $100

**For new students in the Bachelor of Social Work and B.A. Education programs.

Adult Programs and Summer Sessions

Tuition, per credit hour.

Undergraduate Adult Programs $660
   Pre-Medical Certificate $800
   Pre-Speech-Language-Pathology $740
BUSCA $530

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Tuition Assistance Funds are applied to the student account prior to Federal Pell grant funds in the institutional order of awarding process.