Commuter and Off-Campus Office

Our goal is to provide students with a seamless transition experience to the university while supporting their success through resource development, engaging programs, and consultations. An emphasis is placed on empowering and encouraging first-year students to seek out the right resources and learn healthy habits to succeed in college and be retained.

After their first-year, we focus on developing their pursuits to engage them in ways to continue and enhance those habits – this remains a focus of ours because we want them to persist and successfully graduate. In addition to our commuter focus, the office continues to support the transition of our Off-Campus students who live within our immediate neighborhood.

By providing engagement programs, life skill-based workshops, and resources, it is our aim to educate and grow the mutual understanding of respect and community among our neighbors.

The office is located in the lower level of the Student Union (U010), feel free to stop by anytime.

Take a path that can lead anywhere—that’s what being an Explorer is all about. At La Salle, we encourage adventure, exploration, and self-discovery among all students. Our commuters and students who live off campus are an integral and vibrant part of our thriving La Salle community. They bring new insights, fresh perspectives, and impactful contributions to La Salle’s many clubs, organizations, and service trips every single day. In fact, La Salle just wouldn’t be the same without them.

If you live Off-Campus or commute, chances are you’ll have needs that differ from your residential peers, which is why we are here to help and support your success. We want you to enjoy a fulfilling and informed student experience by addressing the necessities specific to your life, while fostering a strong sense of community among your peers. From commuter spaces to Off-Campus living policies, our office and space offers information to guide you on your exploration.

For those living Off-Campus in our immediate neighborhood feel free to reach out and email us at, should you have any questions or need clarification on policies and resources offered.


Benjamin Kim Oser, Assistant Director
Student Union, U010

Madison Saul, Assistant Coordinator
Student Union, U010