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Mass Times in De La Salle Chapel

Monday – Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and Sundays at 5:00 p.m.

Almighty God we pray for the situation in Ukraine.

We pray for those who live in fear, that you may grant them peace.

We pray that the voices for discernment and peaceful solutions may prosper.

Lord, we ask that you raise up peacemakers on all sides,

    that war and violence might be still averted.

Give diplomats wisdom, understanding and build trust.

We ask for the church in the nations involved, may they be salt and light in a dark situation.

Lord we lift this dangerous situation to you.

May your kingdom come,


Prayer by Fred Drummond, Evangelical Alliance Scotland and prayer director


The goal of University Ministry and Service at La Salle University is to further the Catholic Identity and Lasallian mission of the University. UMAS promotes the core Lasallian values of faith, service, and community through our programs and our daily actions. We follow the example of St John Baptist de La Salle by serving those in need as well as working to educate ourselves and others about social injustices. We encourage and support the dialogue between faith and reason, interreligious dialogue, and provide opportunities for worship, study, retreat, community service, justice action, student leadership, and spiritual direction.  Through an atmosphere of fellowship and outreach, UMAS strives to meet individual students where they are, introduce them to a life of service, and help students become their best selves.


La Salle University has published this book: La Salle University and its Catholic Lasallian Mission. It serves as one of the many ways La Salle shares its story with students. Read the book and learn about what it means to be a member of the community known as La Salle University.