Leadership and Global Understanding Minor (LGU)

Program Description

This program is designed to make undergraduates more active learners and give them the tools to become truly engaged citizens in the various communities (local, national, global) they will enter after graduation. Our primary objective is to create students who come to under- stand, value and accept their responsibility to become active citizens in their community, sensitive to cultural diversity, so that they may assume active leadership roles and help others do the same. In order to meet this objective, the minor in Leadership and Global Understanding (LGU) will integrate service learning, community leadership, intercultural/ international studies, travel study and student-centered pedagogy. But the key to such an objective is the integrative student centered pedagogy where students assume primary responsibility for their own learning.

Mission Statement

The Leadership and Global Understanding Minor is a program in civic engagement. Its mission is to teach students to be productive citizens and leaders in all of the communities in which they live: local, regional, national and global. Students are immersed in these communities through travel study and community partnerships. LGU begins with a commitment to the common good, showing students how to use curricular knowledge to improve the world from a social justice perspective. They are taught to connect inequities they see locally to those around the world and encouraged to work for both immediate and systemic change.

Why take this minor?

The LGU program is an interdisciplinary minor that aims to foster leadership qualities in undergraduate students by giving them intensive civic engagement experience on the local, national, and international levels. LGU students come from all academic units (Arts and Sciences, Nursing and Health Sciences, Business) and all majors within those schools. Over the course of their studies, LGU students interact directly with diverse individuals, which increases their intercultural competencies and inevitably changes the way they view their own academic and, ultimately, professional careers.

Students in the program engage in regular community service activities on campus and in the greater Philadelphia community, participate in travel study courses around the world that deal with overarching issues including education, social justice, and civil rights, and reflect critically on how they plan to contribute to the various communities they belong to.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understand theoretical debates regarding globalization and draw connections between these debates and current events 
  • Recognize how contemporary trends and economic, cultural, and political issues affect each other
  • Acquire a greater awareness of social justice issues such as education, economic inequality, and civil rights that both cut across and are embedded in the local, national, and global levels

Number of Courses Required for Graduation


Number of Credits Required for Graduation


Admission Requirement

Admission into the LGU minor requires an interview with the director of the program.

Contact Information

Miguel Glatzer, Director


(215) 951-2891

Minor Requirements

  • LGU 200
  • Two LGU Travel Study Courses
    Travel Study and Immersion trip option. One Travel Study course may be substituted for participation on a University-sponsored immersion trip along with a concurrent (same semester as trip) or subsequent (semester immediately following trip) course that has content related to the trip destination or thematic focus. The course must be approved by the Director as fulfilling this requirement. Student must follow the usual protocol for application and acceptance into University immersion trips: status as an LGU student is unrelated to this.
    Study Abroad option. An international semester-long or summer program of at least six credits may substitute for the two LGU travel study courses.
  • For all three of the above options, an additional two courses should be drawn from the electives list. Specific sections (*), based on theme, will be approved by the director of LGU.
    • Specific sections of LIT 250 Selected Topics in Western Literature*
    • Specific sections of ENG 438 World Literatures: the non-Western Tradition*
    • COM 320 Communication and Culture
    • REL 250: Religion And Ethics In Contemporary Culture
    • REL 251 Peace and Social Justice
    • REL 353 Social Justice and Community Service
    • POL 221 (S) Comparative Governmental Systems
    • ECN/HIS/POL 332 : Political Economy of Africa
    • POL 334: The Political Economy of Latin America**
    • HIS 308: Latin America in Revolution
    • MGT 356: Managing in The Global Economy
    • MGT 357: Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
    • PHLT 250: Global Health
    • SOC 262: Dynamics of Race and Ethnicity
    • SOC 237: The City and Change
    • SOC 308: Social Inequality in Contemporary Society
    • SOC 312: Social Movements in Contemporary Society
    • POL 316: Environmental Law and Policy
    • A third travel study course
    • A language course related to the destination of a travel study trip
    • A service learning designated course
    • An Inside-Out course
  • LGU 400

SOPH Fall: LGU 200

SOPH Spring: Elective

JUNIOR Fall: Elective

JUNIOR Spring: Travel Study or Study Abroad Semester or SUMMER between JUNIOR and SENIOR YEAR: Study Abroad Program (variable)

SENIOR Spring: Travel Study (variable); LGU 400

Course Descriptions

LGU 200 - Introduction to Leadership and Global Understanding

This experiential course examines the various communities students are members of—the campus community, the city of Philadelphia, the greater Philadelphia area, the nation and the global community. In particular, students will explore the Philadelphia community, its history and the various groups which constitute it. The Introduction to Leadership and Global Understanding will introduce the students to the rich diversity of cultural groups in the Philadelphia area. Using Philadelphia as a model, students will learn to see the "community" as multi-layered and will begin to ask important questions about the rights and obligations of citizenship within such a community.

Number of Credits: 3

When Offered: Fall

How Offered: Face-to-Face

LGU 400 - Studies in Leadership and Global Understanding- Capstone Experience

Studies in Leadership and Global Understanding is a multidisciplinary capstone course whose primary purpose is to integrate travel study courses, designated electives, home and abroad projects, curricular and extracurricular experiences including service learning opportunities of the student as he or she has progressed through the minor. Whereas the introductory course focused on the campus and Philadelphia communities, the capstone course focuses on the bridges between these more immediate communities and the global community with which the student now has some direct experience.

Number of Credits: 3

When Offered: Spring

How Offered: Face-to-Face

Restrictions: LGU minors only

Prerequisites: LGU 200 and progress in the LGU minor