Digital Marketing Minor

Why take this minor?

Students take a Digital Marketing minor to complement their major by developing the following abilities:
– Ability to create Key Performance Indicators and perform Key Insight Analysis to better understand digital marketing data today.
– Ability to discover the hottest techniques to successfully plan, predict, and manage digital marketing campaigns.
– Ability to analyze the effectiveness of social media, marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM,emails and mobile marketing.
– Ability to use quantitative, qualitative and competitive tools to derive actionable
– Ability to explore the vital role of analytics in businesses’ online marketing efforts and develop digital marketing campaign for a real client based on the analytical reports.

As part of the coursework, students will earn Google’s search and analytics platform
certifications, as well as a Hubspot’s social media strategy certification.

Program Contact Information

Dr. Swee-Lim Chia, Co-Chairperson
Founders’ Hall 331

Dr. Pingjun (June) Jiang, Co-Chairperson
Founders’ Hall 634

Number of Courses Required for Graduation


Number of Credits Required for Graduation


Minor Requirements

1. BUS 204 Principles of Marketing with Applications 

2. Any two from the following:

3. Two out of the following three:

4. One elective out of the following five:

1. Freshmen year (year 1)
    BUS 100 Business Perspectives
    ECN 150 Introduction to Financial Accounting

2. Sophomore year (year 2)
    BUS 204 Principles of Marketing with Applications

3. Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year (year 2 – 4)
    MKT 306 Internet Marketing
    MKT 311  Applied Digital Marketing Analytics
    MKT 370 Special topics in Digital Marketing
    MKT 302 Advertising and Promotion
    MKT 371  Consumer Behavior
    MKT 312  Mobile Marketing and Social Media
    DART 230 Intro to Web Design & Development
    COM 338  Social Media