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Economic Outlook

Since 1863, La Salle University has played a leadership role in Philadelphia as both an educational institution and a responsible corporate citizen.  In 2002, La Salle University collaborated with its longstanding partners in the business community and introduced its Economic Outlook.  Since that time, La Salle has hosted this annual event, featuring distinguished speakers who share their expertise on various topics of finance, business, and government.

Past Speakers

2021   Ryotaro Tashiro

2020   Luke Tilley, Ph.D.

2019   Walter E. Williams, Ph.D.

2018    Robert R. Johnson, Ph.D.

2017    Patrick T. Harker, Ph.D.

2016    Edward G. Boehne, Ph.D.

2015    Stuart G. Hoffman, Ph.D.

2014    Charles I. Plosser, Ph.D.

2013    Ben Stein

2012    William C. Dunkelberg, Ph.D.

2011    Bryan P. Marsal

2010    Joel L. Naroff, Ph.D.

2009    George U. (Gus) Sauter

2008    Jane Bryant Quinn

2007    Jeremy Siegel, Ph.D.

2006    James B. Stewart

2005    Ron Insana

2004    Ambassador Alan Keyes

2003    Steve Forbes

2002    Lawrence Kudlow