Graduate and Adult Tuition and Fees

2020 – 2021 Tuition and Fees

Below are the tuition and fees for graduate, post-baccalaureate, and doctorate programs.

Tuition, per credit hour.


Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology $1,030
Doctor of Theology $615
M.S. Analytics $940
M.A. Bilingual/Bicultural Studies $850
M.A. Central and Eastern European Studies $750
M.S. Computer Information Science $940
M.A. Counseling and Family Therapy Programs $875
M.S. Cybersecurity $940
M.S. Economic Crime Forensics $875
M.A. Education $800
M.A. English $750
M.A. History $820
M.S. Information Technology Leadership $940
M.S. Instructional Technology Management $780
M.A. Strategic Communication (Part-Time or One-Year Full-Time Program) $855
M.A. Theology and Ministry $465
M.A. Translation and Interpretation $850
Pre-Med Certificate $750

Part-time MBA (Tuition, per credit hour) $1,080
Full-time MBA (Tuition, per semester) $12,840
One-Year MBA (Tuition, full year) $43,180
Online MBA (Tuition, per credit hour and full program)  varies
M.S. Human Capital Development (Tuition, per credit hour) $800
M.S. Nonprofit Leadership (Tuition, per credit hour) $710

Tuition, per credit hour.


Doctor of Nursing Practice $1,065
M.S. Nursing $845
Online M.S. Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner (Tuition, per credit hour and full program)  varies
Online M.S. Nursing – Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (Tuition, per credit hour and full program)  varies
Master of Public Health $890
M.S. Speech-Language Pathology $1,005
ACHIEVE Program $660
Pre-Speech-Language Pathology Program $750
Post-Baccalaureate Nutrition Program $755

Technology Fee (per semester) $150
General University Fee (per semester) $135
Graduation Fee $100
Nursing Test Assessment Fee $150
CSD Clinical fee $125

Some or all instruction for all or part of Academic Year 20-21 may be delivered remotely. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the Academic Year.