Tag: Information Technology / Cybersecurity: 5-Year (B.S./M.S.)

Angela Harris, M.S. ’08, CPC, CLDS, ELI-MP, paves the way for other technology industry professionals—while bridging the diversity gap—through her coaching services.

Family ties and professional endeavors lead back to La Salle for Sandy Immerman, M.A. ’17, CERT ’24.

Mike Wiacek, ’03, is the founder and CEO of Stairwell. The Lasallian values he learned at 20th and Olney are a part of his leadership strategy today.   Being passionately curious […]

La Salle alumna Angela V. Harris joined the 20th & Olney podcast to discuss barriers she and others have encountered while pursuing a career in STEM—and the scholarship she’s established […]