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Simon Moon, Ph.D.

Simon Moon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Dr. Moon is interested in measurement issues in various psychological studies and applied settings. His primary interest lies on the measures of emotional regulation (including measurement issues such as emotional intelligence). Currently, he is working on a manuscript investigating psychometric issues in EQ measures. Also, he is working on measurement equivalency issues (structural equation modeling approach to reliability issues) in organizational settings. This study is based on probably the largest data in the history of psychology (over 650K samples). Because Dr. Moon is interested in basic measurement, statistical, and methodological issues, he has worked on many diverse projects as a methodology/statistics expert.


  • Basic measurement
  • Statistical issues
  • Methodological issues


  • Ph.D. Psychology (Industrial/Organizational), The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
  • M.A. Psychology (Industrial/Organizational), Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
  • B.A. Psychology, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


  • PSY 770: Measurement and Statistics
  • PSY 771: Research Methods II: Statistics and Measurement
  • PSY 330: Research Methods I
  • PSY 331: Research Methods II
  • PSY 230: Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 225: Social Psychology


Moon, S. M., & Illingworth, A. J. (2005). Exploring the dynamic nature of procrastination: A latent growth curve analysis of academic procrastination. Personality and Individual Differences, 38, 297-309.

Moon, S. M., & Lord, R. G. (2006). Individual differences in automatic and controlled regulation of emotion and task performance. Human Performance, 19(4), 327-356.

O’Hea, E. L., Moon, S., Grothe, K., Boudreaux, E. D., Bodenlos, J., Wallston, K., & Brantley, P. J. (2009). The interaction of locus of control, self-efficacy, and outcome expectancy in relation to HbA1c in medically underserved individuals with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 32, 106-117.


Morelli, N., Illingworth, A. J., Moon, S. M., Scott, J. C., & Boyd, S. (2013). Equivalence of Assessments on Mobile Devices: A Replication and Extension. Proposal accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Houston, TX.


  • Division of Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics (APA Division 5)
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (APA Division 14)
  • Association for Psychological Science, Member