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Three Secondary Education Majors Wow them in San Antonio.

Mary Cordivari, Diana Holland, and Allison Ours currently Secondary Education juniors presented their paper entitled "Educational Technology: Improving Pre-Service Teachers' Instructional Practices and Engender Student Achievement " at the SITE 2007 International Conference held in San Antonio, March 26-March 30. The students participated in the university's undergraduate research program with their faculty mentors Dr. John Sweeder and Dr. Maryanne Bednar, professors in the Education Department. Mary, Diana and Allison conducted research during Summer 2006 with the goal of presentingtheir findings at a professional conference. They met their goal when they presented their full paperon Tuesday, March 27th at the Society for Teacher Education and Technology (SITE) Conference held in San Antonio.SITE President Ian Gibson praised the La Salle Undergraduate Researchers after their presentation and wished them the best with their future research.