Graphic Elements

University Chevron Logo

The University logo, formally introduced in 2004, is based upon a type treatment of the University name, and the logo’s mark, which is the Chevron. Pulled directly from the La Salle Coat of Arms, the Chevron has distinct, historical significance to represent the founder of the Christian Brothers, St. John Baptist de La Salle.

Primary Typeface

Futura PT Condensed Extra Bold is the primary typeface used in official university marketing materials. We’ll be using different weights very specifically to balance bold headlines without creating compositions that are heavy and overwhelming.

When Futura PT is unavailable Arial should be used in its place.

Primary Colors

La Salle Blue

Pantone 540
CMYK: 100-55-0-55
RGB: 0-51-86
Hex: 003356

Explorer Gold

Pantone 7406
CMYK: 0-18-100-0
RGB: 255-206-0
Hex: FFCE00

Secondary Colors

Powder Blue

Pantone 291
CMYK: 38-8-1-0
RGB: 153-202-234
Hex: 99CAEA

Medium Blue

Pantone 660
CMYK: 81-52-0-0
RGB: 53-116-186
Hex: 3574BA


Pantone 313
CMYK: 100-0-11-6
RGB: 0-146-188
Hex: 0092BC