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Part-Time/Hybrid MBA

Progression Through the Program

Our hybrid courses (Core, Specialization, Executive Perspectives and Capstone Courses) provide students with face-to-face and meaningful on-line interactions with their instructors and classmates. For those students needing the business Foundation Courses in the program, they will complete them in an on-line format. All other required courses in the program will be completed in a hybrid format. With expert instructors, learning in our hybrid courses is structured to include face-to-face teaching in the class room 50% of the time complemented with 50% of each class meeting on-line. Course materials and exercises requiring additional research, critical thinking, in-depth analysis, and self-paced learning activities are moved into an online environment where students have access to a wealth of current course and business resources. Hybrid courses reframe the learning process as a more connected and continuous learning process for our students.

La Salle’s part-time MBA program requires students to complete between 11 and 15 courses to earn their degree. The total number of classes are determined by reviewing each student’s academic and professional backgrounds; the course requirements will be provided to the student at the time of acceptance. Each student will receive a model roster outlining their specific MBA degree requirements and will work with their academic advisor to develop their initial course schedule.

The MBA Core, Executive Perspectives and Capstone courses are typically offered each semester, fall, spring and summer. The Foundation courses will be offered in an online format every Fall and Spring term. There may be additional courses added to the schedule on an as needed basis due to student demand. In specialization courses offered each term and during each intersession (August and January). This provides students with another opportunity to accelerate their degree completion. Foundation courses must be completed within the first year.

Students must be flexible to travel amongst our campus locations. In order to complete all degree requirements in a timely fashion, it may be necessary to take courses at more than one campus location.