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International Business

Every business is a global business in the 21st century. From the smallest e-commerce entrepreneur to the multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries on six continents, every business today has the potential to expand its reach beyond a local operation and capitalize on emerging opportunities, no matter where they are.

International business majors learn how to think globally about the business world. A fundamental truth is that while business principles may be universal, the successful application of principles in global markets today often requires local knowledge and a heightened cultural sensitivity.

To major in international business at La Salle, you must meet the requirements of a second major (the second major can be outside the School of Business). Functional business skills, such as accounting, marketing, and finance, are important for initial career placement and are emphasized more in the early stages of business careers.  Students are required to have some direct international experience that can be fulfilled by appropriate travel/study courses or a study abroad experience, as part of the degree requirements.

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Swee-Lim Chia, Ph.D.

Co-Chair and Associate Professor, Marketing


3 short-term travel study opportunities to Chile, China, France, and Germany.
24% of LSB students in all majors participate in international education.

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