Moving Out

  • Clean your home thoroughly: Why? If your lease is ending and you paid a security deposit before moving into your home, your landlord may not grant you a complete or partial refund if the home is not up to par. Many landlords use security deposits to clean the home once tenants have vacated.
  • Dispose of outside garbage and waste: Be sure that all outside garbage and other waste has been disposed by making sure garbage bins are placed for your garbage pickup day.
  • Close out utility bills: If your home pays separately for utilities and all housemates are moving out of home permanently, be sure to contact the companies responsible for your utilities to discuss final payments, etc.
  • Walkthrough your home with landlord: It is common that landlords will provide tenants with a move in/move out check list to record damages or minor kinks in home. Whether your home was provided with a checklist or not, be sure to walkthrough the home with your landlord on the final day in case any questions arise about condition of home.

Leasing 101

Risks of not being included on the lease may present personal and financial challenges for the household should unexpected situations arise. Please pick your roommates wisely. There are no easy roommate switches in the off-campus community. Signing a lease is a binding contract. You may have to sublet or move out and continue to pay rent if unforeseen circumstances occur.

  • When possible, it is best to be included on the lease to uphold your basic tenant rights.
  • If your circumstances do not allow you to be on the lease, a written agreement with housemates may clarify living and financial housing arrangements agreed upon.
  • Save cleared checks or credit card payments as proof of payment in the event your tenancy is questioned.

Tenants have the right to:

  • Fair Housing or freedom from discrimination because of membership in a protected class (in the state of Pennsylvania the protected classes are: race, color, national origin, gender, familial status, disability, creed, ancestry, or age over 40)
  • Repairs to be made promptly and properly by property owner/manager
  • Enforce the right to habitable premises by using legal remedies such as repair and deduct, rent reduction, rent withholding, or move out of uninhabitable premises with the right to recover all prepaid rent and deposits
  • A clean, safe place to live, in compliance with the warranty of habitability, which includes:
    • a structurally sound buildingwaterproof roofs, ceilings, and wallswalls and woodwork properly painted (no peeling paint)adequate heat in winterhot and cold running waterbathroom equipment and drains that work properlyfunctioning stovedoors that lock properlywindows that work and can be lockedapartment/house free from infestation with roaches and/or rodents
    • a building with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire escapes