A safe return to campus, as seen through Explorers’ eyes

February 15, 2021

La Salle University students gathered for a virtual gaming session.

La Salle’s community chronicled the start of the spring semester with visuals of campus on social media.

Students, faculty, and staff who returned to La Salle University in January observed a campus unlike the one they departed in March 2020, at the outset of the pandemic.

New this semester, an abundance of campus signage reminds the La Salle community to wear their masks, wash their hands, and preserve physical distancing to maintain a safe and healthy campus.

Those on La Salle’s campus documented their return to 20th and Olney through posts on social media.

They shared beautiful campus photographs, from atop the upper levels of St. Benilde Tower, and of stunning sunrises above College Hall and glistening snow on Hansen Quad. Speaking of snow, a few residential students put the North Halls outdoor commons to good use during the recent winter storm by building a frozen friend.

Students have gathered safely, in small numbers and while physically distanced, to enjoy a virtual gaming session. And biology majors organized a winter glove giveaway event to support residents in traditionally underserved neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

Other students have been rewarded for compliance to health protocols as part of La Salle’s #ExplorersCare Caught in the Act program. Student leaders walked campus in late January handing out several hundred $5 coupons redeemable at the student bookstore or a warm beverage to encourage adherence to mask-wearing. (The program will resume later this semester.)

Students even walked campus with furry visitors from the Philly G.O.A.T. Project as part of a comprehensive calendar of Welcome Week events that saw student organizations melding in-person and virtual experiences to foster campus involvement.

Throughout the semester, the University will continue its robust testing strategy to ensure La Salle remains a safe place at which to live, learn, and work. Upon completion of its entry testing phase, the University conducted nearly 2,500 entry tests and observed a positivity rate of less than 0.5%.

Stay safe, Explorers, and be sure to tag @LaSalleUniv on Twitter and Instagram, or @LaSalleUniversity on Facebook to share your campus photos with the University.

—Shea Wright