Charting the Course

February 1, 2024

Ascend, La Salle’s 2023-2028 strategic plan, is helping set the University up for institutional success.

As the landscape of higher education evolves, so does La Salle University.

Following his inauguration in 2022, President Daniel J. Allen, Ph.D., set in motion a proposal to chart out the next five years of the University. Through committees, community feedback, and leadership approvals, Ascend, the 2023-2028 strategic plan, was created. This plan includes six pillars aimed at
continuing the University’s mission and positioning it to be a leading Lasallian Catholic educational institution. The goals underneath each pillar are tangible measuring points of success.

The strategic goals are aimed at placing La Salle among the most consequential, nationally ranked, Catholic universities in the United States. They will help the University realize its vision of being a leading Lasallian educational institution; rooted in the liberal arts and aligned with emerging industries; and preparing its students for the challenges and complexities of living and working in a diverse democracy and global society.

“Since my first day as La Salle University President, I set a goal of ensuring this institution’s greatest days await,” Allen said. “Through this strategic plan, we aim to do just that by focusing on critical areas that will provide students with an innovative and international education that will prepare them for a successful career. La Salle’s track record is already strong. With Ascend, we will continue to aim high with our goals and achieve.”

Innovative Academics

Delivering an exceptional teaching and learning experience built on quality and academic rigor is at the core of the strategic plan. Ascend has a large focus on delivering high-quality academics to La Salle’s students.

This means fostering an environment that promotes top-knotch instruction and academic rigor through the process of academically, intellectually, and personally challenging students to think critically about the lessons they are experiencing in their classrooms, labs, and internships. Offering a transformative liberal arts curriculum and excellence in research and scholarship are also top priority.

Putting student success at the center means enhancing and streamlining student support services, upgrading academic facilities to support a rigorous academic experience, and developing systems and processes to continually assess all efforts of the academic enterprise.

Creating a culture of innovation and collaboration also allows students, faculty, and staff to think outside of the box.

Faculty will continue to look to find ways to augment and leverage existing resources and to identify, develop, and implement new innovation and interdisciplinary grants and programs for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Creating and strengthening strategic alliances with key internal and external stakeholders, including for-profit and nonprofit organizations, will expand and enhance La Salle’s academic enterprise.

Going Global

Ascend aims to put La Salle on the map—literally—through building bold and sustainable international partnerships.

By creating a portfolio of global initiatives, the University can cultivate a global community. Students can prepare for their roles as global citizens and
demonstrate the appreciation of different cultures and multiple perspectives through these collaborations.

“Being a global student is a key part of being an Explorer,” Allen said. “By providing our students with more international opportunities, they are given the tools to go anywhere upon graduation.”

This includes developing lasting strategic collaborations with international partners, including Lasallian institutions. Plus, the integration of Lasallian formation opportunities throughout the campus community keeps the foundation of the University alive while creating a connection to its Lasallian partners around the globe.

La Salle already promotes global education through international curriculum partnerships, study aboard trips, and faculty guest teaching at various
universities. Ascend will build on and amplify those efforts.

Career Preparedness

Preparing students for the workforce is multi-faceted.

Alongside coursework, students will receive a transformational, holistic, and mission-focused
experience at La Salle.

This includes integrating career development through curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to develop marketable skills that are
clearly aligned with career and post-baccalaureate educational opportunities.

By fostering a vibrant and safe campus community, grounded in the Lasallian Catholic mission, a culture of inclusivity, equity, and diversity is promoted at 20th and Olney. This supports the holistic development and retention of the University’s students.

In the classroom, students will be prepared for the challenges inherent in working and living in a diverse democracy.

University leadership and faculty will identify strategic opportunities to innovate and expand existing academic programs in response to current, emerging, and future trends and demands in the labor market.

“I am so proud of where a La Salle degree takes our graduates,” Allen said. “Ascend’s pillars will allow current and future students to build upon what we already offer and provide an exceptional education focused on setting these future alumni up for success.”