COVID-19 vaccine boosters coming to La Salle

November 15, 2021

Image of a person receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

An on-campus clinic is scheduled for Dec. 8

An on-campus clinic will bring COVID-19 vaccine boosters to La Salle University in early December.

The University announced it has partnered with Walmart Pharmacy to host a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Treetops Café on South Campus, making COVID-19 boosters available to La Salle students, faculty, staff, and Christian Brothers on Wednesday, Dec. 8. Appointments are strongly recommended, according to the announcement.

Any member of the University community can receive a COVID-19 booster, according to a campus message from Vice President of Human Resources Kristin Heasley and Assistant Vice President of Student Wellness R. Scott Cook, DO.

Eligibility depends upon one’s completion of the COVID-19 vaccine series. For example, you can receive a booster if you completed the two-dose Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna series on or before June 8 or received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on or before Oct. 8. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more information regarding eligibility.)

Heasley and Cook noted two important points for the La Salle community.

“The CDC approved mix-and-match booster dosing as a safe and effective measure,” the message stated. “This means you can receive a booster that differs from the vaccine type you originally received.”

“While La Salle does not currently require a COVID-19 booster dose, boosters provide additional protection against COVID-19. They strengthen your protection against severe illness and protect high-risk populations.”

This isn’t the first time La Salle has made COVID-19 vaccines available to the University community.

La Salle previously worked with Walmart Pharmacy to host a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in May. That clinic provided nearly 1,000 doses to La Salle’s students, faculty, staff, and Christian Brothers, as well as members of the Northwest Philadelphia community.

“Widespread vaccination supports widespread immunity,” Cook said. “Let’s continue to #VaxUpLaSalle. Help keep our campus, families, and neighbors as safe as possible.”

—Christopher A. Vito