Exchange opportunities provide a global campus for La Salle students 

May 22, 2024

La Salle campus

A La Salle degree can take students anywhere. And for some that can mean traveling the world while a student.  

Alicia Thornton, ’25, spent the spring semester abroad at La Salle Campus Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, while Xavi Espurz, ’25, studied at Philadelphia’s La Salle University for a semester.  

The two students participated in the One La Salle Agreement, an academic partnership between Lasallian institutions that provides exchange opportunities.  

Alicia Thornton, ’25
Alicia Thornton, ’25

“This initiative epitomizes our mission of ‘together by association’ and exemplifies the collaborative spirit that defines our institution,” said Melinda Ingersoll, director of international education. “The exchange program offers our students a unique and enriching experience to connect with fellow Lasallians across different cultures and continents. Through this immersive exchange, our students not only broaden their academic horizons but also foster lifelong friendships and networks that transcend geographical boundaries. I am truly inspired by the transformative impact that this program has on our students, as it embodies the essence of our Lasallian values and principles. By embracing the spirit of association, our students become global citizens who are empowered to effect positive change in their communities and beyond.” 

Thornton, who is originally from Magnolia, N.J., is an integrated science, business, and technology (ISBT) major. She wanted to participate in the study aboard program to see another part of the world and take some classes outside of her major.  

“I am taking business classes in La Salle Barcelona, which is different from my normal curriculum of science classes,” she said. “They mostly consist of group projects, and I’m learning a lot about new industries such as investing and entrepreneurship.” 

“My experience at La Salle in Barcelona has been very different from studying at La Salle in Philadelphia,” Thornton added. “I’ve learned a lot about Spanish business and demographics during my time in Spain. Also, the view of American business is interesting and good to know for future international business. The atmosphere is also different in the fact that there is a very long lunch break, where many students sit outside relaxing and talking to friends.” 

Outside of the classroom, Thornton explored Barcelona with friends and took in the culture.  

Xavi Espurz, ’25
Xavi Espurz, ’25

“I would recommend other La Salle students to attend an exchange program because it’s important to get outside of your comfort zone,” she said.  

Espurz is originally from Barcelona and is a business major. While he’s visited the U.S. before, this was his first time in Philadelphia. He still had some exploring to do but enjoyed his stay in the City of Brotherly Love.  

“I’m enjoying my time and the experience here,” he said.  

He’s been taking a mix of business and core curriculum courses while at La Salle. He said the way of learning is slightly different in the U.S., but he enjoyed the change.  

He also enjoyed his time on campus connecting with other students and experiencing a new culture.  

“It’s very important to get out of your comfort zone,” he said.