Explorers on Campus program brings dozens of alumni to campus for guest lectures, classroom visits

October 10, 2022

Organizations like the Walt Disney Company, Comcast Business, and Deloitte were represented.

La Salle University professors welcomed dozens of graduates to campus from Oct. 3–7. The professionals, many in leadership and executive roles, represented notable organizations like the Walt Disney Company, Comcast Business, Deloitte, Aetna, and Brian Communications, among others.

The University invited alumni into classrooms for in-person and virtual guest lectures on topics ranging from business trends and education to communication. They also shared job-seeking and career advice.

Returning to La Salle’s campus is always an enjoyable experience for Rashon Howard, ’10, MSFP. It’s particularly true when he gets to share his professional acumen with current La Salle students. He spoke to a public health practice seminar classroom about the financial aspects of securing a job and obtaining the lifestyle they desire.

“Knowing the ins and outs of successfully negotiating your first career position is essential in today’s world,” he said. “It could very well set the tone for your career financially. I felt it vital to share all aspects of negotiating a job opportunity. I call it the big four: salary, benefits, retirement package, and wellness. Knowing the power of each and how they work together can pave the way to ensuring the most optimal lifestyle.”

Howard said the students were attentive, asked engaging questions, and made the lecture fun.

Megan Shelley, M.S., ’20, is the chief operating officer at Eastern National, an educational nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. She spoke with a business class about tips on starting the job search, applying for positions, building a resume, and interviewing for jobs.

Shelley, who received her graduate degree in Nonprofit Leadership from La Salle, was excited to re-enter the classroom as she began her career as a teacher before joining the nonprofit sector. She also received her degree during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, making Explorers on Campus her first time in a physical classroom at 20th and Olney.

“I was so pleased to have the opportunity to connect with La Salle students,” she said. “As a parting gift, I also shared a Passport to Your National Parks book with each of the students, so that they not only begin their career-search adventure, but also start their national park adventure.”

Pauline Scalvino, Esq., ’87, recently retired from The Vanguard Group after 25 years at the asset management company. She worked in multiple roles including in legal, compliance, risk management, and leading corporate strategy. She spoke to a classroom of La Salle MBA students about investment management, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, and women in business.

Beth Harper Briglia, ’80, is the Senior Philanthropic Advisor for the Chester County Community Foundation. She spoke with business students taking a communications class about life-long tips for constructive communications honed over her career in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. As the students will be working with the nonprofit sector during an upcoming class project, she addressed trends impacting the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, and how effective communication is critical to the success of a nonprofit organization.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak to current students,” she said. “As an alumna who cares deeply about the success of all our graduates, the Explorer on Campus program provides an opportunity to illustrate for students the practical application of their current academic pursuits. It was fun to connect with the students. I appreciated their questions and engagement in the topics discussed.”

While many alumni participated in Explorers on Campus from Oct. 3–7, a few—like Andrew Greth, ’02–were invited to participate later in October. Greth, speaking on Oct. 19, will provide communication students advice on entering the television and media industry. Greth is a sports and news producer at CBS Philly and KYW-TV.

“I know with the excellence of a La Salle education. These students will be well prepared to reach their career goals,” he said. “I’m sure the points in my speech will just reinforce the things these great instructors are instilling in them. Hopefully there will be one or two things based on my experience that can help them in that journey. It’s so important that the next generation of La Salle graduates succeed and thrive, and that they have the knowledge to adjust and adapt in businesses that are rapidly evolving—like television and media.”

—Meg Ryan