Finding your way around the mylasalle Portal

February 28, 2022

If you study or work at La Salle University, chances are you know a thing or two about the mylasalle Portal.

It’s an essential tool around here. And here’s why: The mylasalle Portal provides you with access to just about everything you need for life at 20th and Olney. From academic and events calendars, to course registration materials, and so much more, the mylasalle Portal is a page every Explorer has bookmarked.

What’s the most-popular feature on the mylasalle Portal?

“The search bar, by far,” said Michael Nielsen, a web applications administrator in La Salle’s Department of Information Technology. “The ability to search directly for an item, no matter how deeply it is buried or nestled within different categories, is a vital tool for our community.”

A refreshed version of the mylasalle Portal, which launched at the start of the 2021-22 academic year, “is significantly more mobile friendly,” Nielsen said, “and directly syncs with the La Salle University mobile app, providing a more streamline and consistent experience no matter what platform is being used.”

Here are some helpful pointers to remember when navigating the mylasalle Portal:

Productivity hub

Whether you’re a student or employee at La Salle, the mylasalle Portal gives you access to the most-essential resources on campus. You can check your La Salle email from the Portal. You can launch a Zoom meeting with one click. And you have free access to every tool in the Microsoft Office suite, including cloud-based storage through OneDrive.

Search (and save) your Favorites

The search bar at the top of the homepage makes it incredibly easy to locate what you’re looking for—unless you already established your favorites. Then it’s even easier. Click the star icon in the lower-right corner of any feature or channel that you use frequently. This way, you can lock in its place under the Favorites banner on your Portal homepage for quick access. Utilize the La Salle University mobile app, available for iOS and Android in the app stores, for quick access on the go.

Student support

Students looking for a job or an internship, or seeking academic support, know they can turn to the Portal. La Salle’s Career Center has the tools every student needs, regardless of your major, program, or graduation year. The Career Center channel in the Portal gives immediate access to Handshake, internship and job searches, workshops, and other helpful resources. Similarly, students can access the Center for Academic Achievement’s resources for help with their coursework—whether it’s using Starfish to schedule a tutoring session or seeking supplemental instruction with their peers Students can also use DegreeWorks to monitor their progress toward degree completion.

COVID-19 information

The health and wellness of the La Salle community remains the University’s top priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And the mylasalle Portal links you to the resources aimed at keeping yourself and others safe. The daily check-in form? It’s there. The disclosure form, should you test positive or have a close-contact exposure? That’s there, too. Direct links to La Salle’s case dashboard and health and safety guidelines? Yes and yes.


The Br. LUWIS self-service tab is the one-stop shop for La Salle students, faculty, and staff. It’s where you can update your personal information on file with the University and register for classes and create a roster for next semester, or check in on your housing and financial aid applications, check your ebill and make tuition payments, and submit timesheets or leave reports.


The University keeps students, faculty, and staff up to date on campus current events with its announcements section. It’s also where public safety advisories are published, in the event La Salle needs to communicate in real time about an urgent issue. This section integrates smoothly with the La Salle University mobile app, Nielsen said, with announcements that can be pushed out to smartphones.

Incident reporting

There are incident reporting tools to quickly connect you with Student Development & Campus Life, Public Safety, Facilities, and the Information Technology Helpdesk.

Submitting feedback

The mylasalle Portal is continuously updated. To suggest improvements or report any issues with the content or services in the portal, please use the Send Feedback link under your account menu.

—Christopher A. Vito