Internship Spotlight: School of Nursing and Health Sciences

February 2, 2024
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Stephanie Wells, ’24

Stephanie Wells, ’24
Nursing major

Internship: 2023 IBC Foundation Nurse Intern at Independence Blue Cross (IBC) and Steven Klein Wellness Center (SKWC)

What initially interested you in this internship job?
I was intrigued by this internship because it offered a nontraditional nursing role, focused on providing care to underserved communities. It was especially appealing as it allowed me to support people from neighborhoods similar to where I grew up in Philadelphia.

What was your day-to-day like?
At SKWC, a local community health center, I worked closely with nurse care managers. My responsibilities included assisting with vaccinations and injections, supporting clinic procedures such as conducting health history assessments, triaging patients, and providing education on medications, disease management, stress reduction, and lifestyle changes. I also participated in meetings at IBC with fellow interns from different universities. At IBC, I developed leadership, public speaking, and critical-thinking skills through ’Leadership Labs.’ Additionally, I engaged in community volunteer projects and executed a research poster project aimed at mitigating the spread of online health misinformation to improve health outcomes.

How does your La Salle education help with your responsibilities?
My La Salle education equipped me with essential skills, such as culturally competent and compassionate care, effective communication, a commitment to learning, and collaboration, all of which were invaluable in my role at both IBC and SKWC.

How will this experience help when applying for other roles in your desired field?
This internship experience significantly shaped my understanding of nursing. It emphasized the importance of teamwork and community support, especially at SKWC. It also provided me with valuable networking and relationship-building skills at IBC. These experiences will undoubtedly influence my future nursing roles, showcasing my ability to provide holistic and compassionate care while collaborating effectively with fellow healthcare professionals.