La Salle alumnus is now making movie magic at Walt Disney Animation Studios

February 1, 2024

Eric Frazier, ’17, is utilizing his mathematics and computer science degree to work as a technical director collaborating with the films’ artists. 

Eric Frazier, III, ’17

Eric Frazier, III, ’17, found a way to flex his artistic muscles alongside his computer programming knowledge at Walt Disney Animation Studios.  

The mathematics and computer science graduate from Towson, Md., is helping create tools for animators to make movie magic as a technical director. Most recently, Frazier worked on the movie Wish to help create a new data pipeline throughout the computer system to improve the artists’ workflow.  

Blending the world of tech and art allows a technical director to troubleshoot issues and create tools to build new animation technologies.  

“Technical directors are the stewards of how our artists collaborate, providing technical development for show needs, acting as liaisons between artists and engineers, and providing the first line of support for technical production issues,” according to the Disney Animation website. 

Frazier became interested in working as a technical director when he saw a video discussing the role on Pixar’s YouTube page. He felt prepared in part by the educational foundation laid during his time at La Salle.  

“There’s no direct way to become a technical director,” he said. “But having the computer programming background helped.”   

Frazier found the University to be the right fit because of its Lasallian values, tight-knit campus, and accessible faculty. As he began to decide on a major to pursue, he found the marriage between mathematics and computer science allowed him to pursue a career in the STEM field.  

The faculty were extremely helpful, Frazier said, providing additional guidance outside of the classroom and supporting students as mentors.  

At Disney, Frazier is proud to work within a team and see a project created from start to finish. Plus, working for Disney has been a great experience, especially with fun benefits like getting to visit the parks and attending wrap parties for the movies he worked on before they premier in theaters.  

“It’s been a dream and everything I’ve asked for in a career,” he said.  

His advice to current students is to find an advisor or mentor who can help provide feedback on items like writing a resume and preparing for an interview. He also suggests getting involved through extracurricular activities, student research, and internships to continue to build on the classroom education and gain career experience.  

“Education is the start, but keep building your skills,” he said.  

—Meg Ryan