La Salle in the media | July highlights

July 28, 2022

Gas Pump

La Salle University faculty members spoke with reporters in July on a range of high-profile subjects. Here are a few of their appearances in the media:

Wawa created its own NFTs, and the internet had thoughts — but 40k still entered to win one | Philadelphia Inquirer

Wawa’s debut with non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, did not go according to plan, per the widely negative social-media response. To find out why, the Philadelphia Inquirer spoke with Michael DiPietro, assistant professor of marketing.

On Greece’s Santorini, 13 cloistered nuns pray for the world | The Associated Press

Constant prayer, particularly for Greece’s visitors and, more broadly, the world, is the mission of 13 cloistered nuns. The Associated Press contacted Margaret ‘Maggie’ McGuinness, Ph.D., professor emerita of religion and theology, to learn more about their lives of prayer and contemplation.

Gas stations can now place a $175 hold on your bank or debit card | NPR

Living paycheck to paycheck got a bit more difficult in July, between surging gas prices and a new debit-card policy that penalizes consumers for over-drafting. The Lehigh Valley’s NPR affiliate contacted C. Andrew “Andy” Lafond, DBA, assistant professor of accounting.

Thousands on parole and probation face unique barriers in seeking abortion care | Scheer Post

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade continues to elicit passionate response from those who support it and those who detest it. Scheer Post interviewed Caitlin Taylor, Ph.D., associate professor of criminal justice and sociology, who explained why the decision is a step away from healthcare equality.

—Christopher A. Vito