La Salle in the media | July highlights

July 28, 2021

Image of a COVID 19 antigen test

La Salle University faculty spoke to reporters in July about the pandemic’s transmissible Delta variant, its possible effect on the Summer Olympics, and its role in reshaping friendships and socialization:

La Salle University clears spring semester balances using federal COVID-19 relief funds | CBS3

To further support students who are managing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, La Salle University cleared outstanding balances for more than 100 students from the Spring 2021 semester.

Tokyo Olympics, by the numbers | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The success of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be gauged by the ability of the Japanese government to “control the pandemic,” said Daniel Rodriguez, Ph.D., professor of urban public health. “The whole world will be watching.”

Millennials are turning to non-alcoholic beer, but nutritionists stress it’s not a health drink | Philly Voice

Alcohol-free beers may be safer, but, calorically, they are not to be confused with health drinks, said Elizabeth Z. Emery, assistant professor of nutrition and dietetics program director. “Would you…eat six slices of bread for no good reason?”

Delta Variant is creating a web of regional COVID-19 epidemics | VeryWell Health

Areas with low immunization percentages could become coronavirus hotspots, said Jason Diaz, Ph.D., assistant professor of integrated science, business, and technology. “There will be more local epidemics, city-wide or county-wide, where you will see a much higher chance of infections.”

It’s OK to risk awkwardness to make friends | NBC LX

Socialization has changed due to the pandemic. “It’ll be interesting to see how things evolve with friendships,” said Kathleen A. Bogle, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology. Social networks are more prevalent, as more-traditional means “have been on hold the past year.”

Arcadia University to lead $2.8M research program for STEM educators | Montgomery County News

La Salle is one of five Pennsylvania universities awarded a nearly $3 million collaborative, four-year research and development grant aimed at the exploration of socio-scientific inquiry in the STEM fields. Greer Richardson, Ph.D., professor of education and La Salle’s primary investigator, explained more about the grant.

—Christopher A. Vito