La Salle political science student participating in The Fund for American Studies internship program 

February 29, 2024

Lindsay Wagner, ’25, will represent La Salle University in Washington, D.C., during an eight-week academic internship experience. 

Lindsay Wagner, ’25

When it was time to select her major, Lindsay Wagner, ’25, was inspired by the political conversations she has had with her dad. 

“I have a passion for political science that can’t be replicated,” the first-generation college student from Philadelphia said. She decided to study political science after being admitted into La Salle University. 

This summer Wagner will be utilizing what she’s learned in the classroom at 20th and Olney in the nation’s capital. The Explorer was recently accepted into The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) internship program. Top students from across the country and around the world come together for an eight-week academic internship experience in Washington, D.C. The intensive and comprehensive program combines academic courses for credit with an internship including site briefings, guest lectures, a professional development series, and mentorship program. 

Wagner is excited for the opportunity as it will not only allow her to discover what she’d like to do with her career after graduation, but it also provides a space to connect with other students with similar interests.  

“It’s so much more than an internship,” she said, “I’m excited to be in the epicenter of American politics.” 

Wagner, who is also enrolled in La Salle’s Honors Program, has found the University to be the perfect place to learn and grow her passion. During a Blue and Gold Day admissions event, she was drawn to the accessible faculty, campus life, and proximity to home. 

“I immediately became attached to La Salle,” Wagner said. 

The political science program has allowed her to grow her passion for the subject while the Honors Program challenges her to enroll in courses she never at first considered. 

“The program allowed me to expand myself in ways that I didn’t think would be possible if I was on my own,” she said.  

Wagner is also the 2023-24 recipient of the Robert J. Courtney, Ph.D., ’41, Scholarship. The endowed scholarship is in honor of long-time professor Robert J. Courtney, Ph.D., ’41, and goes to political science students who have shown academic excellence, dedication to public service, and demonstrated unmet financial need. 

“Lindsay has excelled as a political science major,” Mark Thomas, Ph.D., political science department chair and assistant professor said. “We have watched her grow intellectually throughout the years and are always in awe as we see the growth in her critical thinking skills and overall knowledge since, she was a freshman. Her growth tells us what we do as faculty does indeed make a difference and the Lasallian educational experience does change lives.” 

As she looks toward a future career, Wagner is interested in starting local through a nonprofit and then possibly working her way into a national government organization or think tank.  

No matter what path she takes, she’s excited to continue to learn and expand her options. 

“I have the opportunity to explore each and every one,” she said.  

—Meg Ryan