La Salle student interning at ECAM La Salle in Lyon, France, with the Gene Haas Center 

July 1, 2024

As part of the experience, Rose Schankweiler, ’27, attended F1 grand prix in Spain.

Rose Schankweiler, ’27

Rose Schankweiler, ’27

Rose Schankweiler, ’27, added a few new stamps to her passport through her summer internship.  

The business major is currently interning at ECAM La Salle in Lyon, France, with the Gene Haas Center For Manufacturing Innovation whose goal is to train future manufacturers across numerous industries. Her work includes reviewing training programs currently established in France while working with the U.S. Hass training programs to help with facilitating and developing education opportunities that resemble American programs.  

Schankweiler shared some details on the experience below.  

What initially interested you in this internship? 

Truthfully, I was initially interested in the internship because I have always wanted to go abroad. Additionally, I have also grown up around the business of selling Haas machines, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers, and learned a lot from my father, who has worked in the business since my childhood. Throughout freshman year, I have been uncertain of what I wanted to pursue as a career, and I thought the internship would be an eye-opening experience and guide me in finding a path for my future.  

Describe the application process. 

I was fortunate to gain this internship through my networking connections. The process involved an introduction, emails, and a Zoom call where I discussed the types of work I could do, and from there, a plan was developed. Although it was not straightforward, with hard work and support from both sides, it came to fruition. At La Salle, my main helpful resources were Penelope Grob, M.S., director of the Business Scholars Co-op Program, and Mindy Ingersoll, director of International Education. Since this internship was new for both parties, there were many aspects that needed to be figured out. I also asked Associate Professor Whitney Howell, Ph.D., for guidance when learning about an objective for my internship. During my internship, Joe Ugras, Ph.D., associate professor of accounting, has also provided me with support and guidance. I am grateful for all the resources that have been helpful throughout my internship process. 

What is your day-to-day like at the internship? 

My internship day-to-day is never the same. Typically, I work at ECAM LaSalle in an office creating ideas and projects to create a collaboration between the Gene Haas Center at ECAM and a university in the United States. Additionally, I work on CNC machines, metal cutting machines controlled by a computer. As a business major, operating a machine was a completely new experience for me. This internship has given me an appreciation for the various aspects of engineering that I had never previously considered. I have used machines such as Haas Desktop Mill, Haas UMC-500, and a Hexagon CMM machine, as well as engineering software called Fusion 360. I have also visited the local Haas Factory Outlet in France for a day and been given accounting tasks.  

Fortunately, I have also experienced a different daily internship experience. I was taken to a Formula 1 Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain, with Performer CNC, the local Haas Factory Outlet. I attended a showroom event and client dinner along with attending the circuit and meeting people there. This whole experience was very interesting and gave me a lot of perspective and new insights into business and different cultures, all while having fun at the F1 circuit.  

How does your La Salle education help with your intern responsibilities? 

My La Salle education has helped me in many ways. A main part of my job is to create and present ideas to instructors. I receive feedback and must re-evaluate from there. From La Salle, every skill I learned from my Business 100 class has helped. I have gained confidence in my capabilities, including presenting in English and occasionally in French, which I am continually working to improve. I have also learned to adapt and accept new challenges. Learning to operate a CNC machine has been challenging, but I have utilized my critical thinking and problem-solving skills from my La Salle courses to overcome these difficulties and learn from them.  

How will this internship experience help when applying for other roles in your desired field? 

This internship has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Working with new people in a foreign country and navigating a language I am still learning has made me grow both personally and professionally. When applying for other roles in my future, this internship has helped me become comfortable with the uncomfortable. This experience has also given me a new perspective and way of learning while in different roles, which can be valuable in my future. I also feel more prepared to adapt and problem-solve in my future when difficulties arise.  

What have you enjoyed about being in France? 

I have enjoyed exploring new places and having different, unexpected experiences. I have been able to explore the city of Lyon as well as going to Annecy, Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona, and the French countryside. I have seen so many new things, tried many new foods, and met new people. I have been fortunate for two amazing families from my work to have taken me under their wing. They have brought me to different events such as village Olympic games, handball game, French barbecue, French show of St. Bernadette of Lourdes life, and other activities. Those families have truly welcomed me and made France feel like home. Seeing and partially being a part of French culture, even for a limited time, has made me gain a new perspective that I will be forever grateful for.  

Anything else you’ve experienced? 

When I was in London, I went to the Philadelphia Phillies game!