Meet the newest Explorers

September 1, 2021

Image of students and families during Move-In Weekend.

More on the students joining La Salle University in 2021-22

La Salle University has welcomed a new academic year and, with it, its newest students.

The newest Explorers bring unique backgrounds and a host of academic distinction to the La Salle community. Here are some fast facts about La Salle’s newest students:

The total number of new Explorers joining La Salle University across all programs and degree levels
378: The number of new undergraduates who identify as the first in their families to attend college
58: The number of new Explorers who are legacies, meaning either their parents or grandparents graduated from La Salle
52%: The percentage of new Explorers who identify as students of color, making this one of La Salle’s most-diverse classes ever fielded

Image of a student and his family during Move-In Weekend.GEOGRAPHY
The percentage of new Explorers who call Philadelphia their hometown
25: These students share the same ZIP code (19140) as La Salle University.
5,488: Meanwhile, one new student traveled more than 5,000 miles, from Abuja, Nigeria, to arrive at 20th and Olney.
Northeast High School in Philadelphia is the most-common high school among La Salle’s newest undergraduates.
36: La Salle’s newest students hail from 36 states, plus Washington, D.C.

The number of new students who share a birthday with Saint John Baptist de La Salle (April 30)
4: The number of new students who blow out their birthday candles on the same day as Interim President Tim O’Shaughnessy, ’85 (April 11)
70: Among the newest Explorers, La Salle’s oldest student is 70 years old.
16: The age of La Salle’s youngest new student is 16.

is the most-popular undergraduate major among the newest Explorers.
10%: One in 10 of the University’s newest Explorers is a student-athlete.
1: There’s one student whose surname features “blue” or “gold,” the University’s official colors.

—Christopher A. Vito