Mother-daughter duo share Commencement Weekend with nursing degrees

May 2, 2024

Litia Gans, ‘20, MSN ‘24, and Jaida Davenport-Gans, ’24, supporting each other through their MSN and BSN programs, respectively. 

Litia Gans, ‘20, MSN ‘24, and Jaida Davenport-Gans, ’24

Litia Gans, ‘20, MSN ‘24, (left) and Jaida Davenport-Gans, ’24 (right)

For Litia Gans, ‘20, MSN ‘24, and Jaida Davenport-Gans, ’24, a love of nursing runs in the family.  

The mother-daughter duo is set to graduate with their respective degrees during Commencement Weekend. The pair are excited to share the special day as both women supported each other through their programs.  

Davenport-Gans remembers her mom staying up late to help her study for tests and making sure she fully understood the concepts. Gans, on the other hand, relied on her daughter to help with any technical questions she had for the online aspects of her courses.  

“I have had the pleasure of teaching Jaida and being her advisor,” Nursing Associate Professor Mindy Tait, Ph.D., MBA, CRNP, FNP-BC, said. “Jaida has a deep passion for nursing and plans to further her degree as a certified nurse midwife and a women’s health nurse practitioner. I am certain that Jaida will be successful as she continues to advance her degree with the support of her mother Litia.  I have to share that I did not put it together initially that they were mother and daughter.  When Litia shared that she had ‘heard about me’ from her daughter, I had that a-ha moment and it all came together!  Litia will be a wonderful nurse practitioner.  Both Jaida and Litia have been proactive in their education and experiences; both communicated with me anytime they were challenged by a situation or needed assistance.  I have been blessed to have been touched by both as students and I am confident that they will blaze a path together for many other nurses as they transition into their professional roles.” 

Enrolling at La Salle was a no-brainer for the pair. Gans previously attended the University and knew when she wanted to return for an advanced degree, La Salle would be the right place. Davenport-Gans got to know the University since she attended nearby Central High School. The nursing program was what sealed the deal.  

“I knew they were great for a nursing education,” she said.  

While financial challenges attempted to get in the way of degree completion, both Gans and Davenport-Gans relied on their Lasallian family for resources and support. The nursing faculty, along with the hands-on curriculum of both programs, prepared both women for what comes next.  

“Everyone has been very supportive and great,” Gans said.  

Following graduation, Davenport-Gans plans to study for her NCLEX exam and apply for registered nursing roles, hoping to eventually work as an obstetric (OB) nurse. Gans will continue to work in the nursing field but is contemplating a DNP program as La Salle has shown her anything is possible.  

“I’m happy to see where I came from, I’m happy to be here,” Gans said. “La Salle helped elevate me.”    

—Meg Ryan