New Explorers live and learn together in LLCs

January 22, 2021

First-year students at La Salle University explore common interests and form bonds through the campus’ Living Learning Communities.

There are many opportunities at La Salle University for first-year students to get acclimated with college life while establishing new friendships with like-minded peers.

La Salle’s Living Learning Communities (LLCs) offer a particularly enriching experience for incoming Explorers. These on-campus residential communities are comprised of students with common interests. They offer ways for students to get involved and forge meaningful bonds with their fellow residents.

Each LLC is grouped on a single floor of one of the University’s residence halls and contains a lounge or common area, where members can congregate and participate in activities specific to their areas of interest. Students in LLCs work together with their Resident Assistants (RAs) and faculty and staff advisers to design learning experiences and event programming, while working together to take responsibility for their shared community.

“The LLCs forge communities and connections for our students,” said TiRease Holmes, who oversees La Salle’s LLCs as the University’s Director of Residence Life. “Students develop relationships with like-minded students, but also with staff and faculty members. This model helps to humanize faculty and administrators for students, and these new students realize that people are there for them—to mentor them, guide them, and support them.”

La Salle offers six unique LLCs covering a variety of interests. Here’s a look at what each has to offer:

Animal Advocacy and La Salle’s Dog-Friendly Community

St. George Hall

Though a big draw of the Animal Advocacy and the Dog-Friendly Community is the opportunity to spend time cuddling with a furry, four-legged friend—a great stress-reliever for students—there’s more to it than that. This LLC works on behalf of animal welfare groups locally and globally through service, social activities, and education. It’s also the only LLC that welcomes both first-year and upper-level students.

Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)

St. Katharine Hall

Whether through music, theater, or art, students can express their creativity in the CAPA LLC, which provides a nurturing environment for artists. The CAPA lounge features a stage for impromptu or planned performances, along with access to a guitar and a piano. The community takes in some of the many cultural experiences Philadelphia has to offer, with trips to museums, plays and musical performances—when conditions allow, of course. Also, the CAPA community often shares members with La Salle’s theater club, The Masque of La Salle.

Cultural Exploration and Diversity

St. Katharine Hall

This LLC focuses on promotion of positive citizenship, diversity, and social justice through global awareness, multicultural education, and cross-cultural dialogue—in lockstep with the University’s nearly 160-year-old mission. A strong emphasis is placed upon what members can do to make a difference within La Salle’s neighboring community. Activities include lectures, discussions, and field trips to local museums and restaurants, where members learn more about other cultures. This LLC is one of the most popular among La Salle’s international students.

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St. Neumann Hall

E-Sports, which stands for electronic sports, refers to sport competition through video games. It represents a fast-growing area of interest among college students. With three wall-mounted TVs and plush seating, the E-Sports LLC gaming lounge is a hub of activity for PC and console gamers alike. But the members of this community do plenty of learning along with playing. The E-Sports LLC regularly hosts discussions and presentations on the history and evolution of gaming, along with the impact of gaming on society and social justice.

Signum Fidei

St. Katharine Hall

Latin for “sign of faith,” Signum Fidei was the first LLC established at La Salle. It’s a service-oriented LLC, through which students are encouraged to complete one service opportunity per week working with organizations such as PHEED Philly, Habitat for Humanity, and the Special Olympics, along with tutoring in local neighborhoods. Students are challenged to explore their own spirituality and commitment to their community, and often remain engaged in the community throughout and beyond their time at La Salle.

Wellness and Mindful Living

St. Katharine Hall

This LLC looks at holistic health and is designed to foster the eight aspects of wellness: social, mental/emotional, physical, environmental, occupational, intellectual, spiritual and financial. Through social activities and workshops, students learn about meditation, exercise, and other factors that influence wellness. Past activities have included spa nights, hikes, and trips to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

—Patrick Berkery