Recognizing our LGBTQ+ community

June 28, 2021

Today marks Pride Day, a commemoration of the 1969 demonstrations in New York City that helped eradicate discriminatory laws against LGBTQ+ Americans. A year later, in 1970, the city held its first pride marches.

La Salle University recognizes and celebrates our LGBTQ+ students, faculty members, staff colleagues, alumni, University friends, and neighbors, as well as their many and significant contributions to La Salle and their respective communities. Our Lasallian core values call us to respect diversity and to live, learn, and work inclusively. Our University’s educational vision and mission challenge us to eradicate inequity and exclusivity.

La Salle’s Alliance, a student organization, offers resources, educational programming, support, and compassionate space of mutual respect and dignity for LGBTQ+ students, and their allies. Students can obtain more information about the Alliance by contacting

This year, on Pride Day, La Salle University reaffirms its commitment to standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ members of our community and offering support against discrimination. Let us all vow to work together toward maintaining a campus community that invites and respects the dignity of all persons.