Tag: Public Health (BSPH)

Christie Perkins, ’24, is a nursing student with a minor in public health.

This La Salle professor explains our tight connections to our favorite sports teams—and their effect on our well-being. A winning sports team has a way of lifting the collective spirit […]

Organizations like the Walt Disney Company, Comcast Business, and Deloitte were represented. La Salle University professors welcomed dozens of graduates to campus from Oct. 3–7. The professionals, many in leadership […]

For Candace Robertson-James, DrPH, helping La Salle University strengthen community partnerships is a priority. To aid this progress, Robertson-James—an assistant professor of public health and director of La Salle’s public […]

As a Black Muslim woman, Asiyah Jones, ’22, wanted to feel welcomed on her college campus. Becoming an Explorer made that a reality. A Muslim Student Association breast cancer awareness […]

Gail Carter Hamilton, ’98, RN, MSN, CSN, ‘09, will work in her new role to address health disparities across the city.  Gail Carter Hamilton, ’98, RN, MSN, CSN, ‘09 found […]

Students are engaging in the history of the city’s Belfield neighborhood through a unique course framework.  Each year, students representing nearly 40 states—and just as many international countries—descend upon La Salle University’s campus. For […]

While friendship can provide you with access to real-time counsel and compassionate support that lower stress levels, it’s also a complex relationship that requires reciprocation. A research study by a […]

Candace Robertson-James, DrPH, was one of 61 professionals invited to participate in the BMe Vanguard Fellowship. Last fall, only 61 professionals received invitations to participate in a national fellowship program […]