C.A. Tsakiridou, Ph.D.

School of Arts and Sciences, Philosophy


  • B.A.: American College of Greece, Athens
  • M.A. (History), M.A. (Philosophy): Temple University
  • Ph.D.: Georgetown University

Specialized Interests

aesthetics, social and political philosophy (nationalism, modernity, radical ideologies)

Selective Publications


  • Icons in Time, Persons in Eternity: Orthodox Theology and the Aesthetics of the Christian Image (Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2013).
  • Elder Paisios of Mount Athos, Spiritual Counsels Volume I, translated by C.A. Tsakiridou and M. Spanos (Sourote: Holy Monastery Evangelist John the Theologian, 2011).
  • Reviewing Orpheus: Essays on the Cinema and Art of Jean CocteauBucknell Review (Lewisburg: Associated University Presses, 1997) (editor and contributor of the Introduction and one chapter).

Articles, Chapters

  • “Spiritual Expressionism: Léon Bloy, the Maritains, and the Mystery of Israel,” in John J. Conley, SJ ed., Redeeming Philosophy: From Metaphysics to Aesthetics (Washington DC: American Maritain Association/Catholic University of America Press, 2014), pp. 203-225.
  • “Aesthetic Nepsis, Enargeia and Theophany: Looking for the Christian Image,” Orthodox Arts Journal, April 30, 2014.
  • “Perceptions of Islam: Pope Benedict XVI and Jacques Maritain,” in Peter Koritansky ed., Human Nature, Contemplation and the Political Order: Essays Inspired by Jacques Maritain’s Scholasticism and Politics (Washington DC: Maritain Association/Catholic University of America Press, 2013), pp. 123-148.
  • “Art’s Self-Disclosure: Hegelian Insights into Cinematic and Modernist Space,” Evental Aesthetics, 2, no. 1 (2013): 44-72.
  • “Theophany and Humanity in St. Symeon the New Theologian and in Abū Hamid Al-Ghāzāli,” International Journal of Orthodox Theology, 2:3 (2011), pp. 167-187.
  • “When Art Fails Humanity: Jacques Maritain on Jean Cocteau, Modernism and the Crisis of European Civilization,” in Gavin Colvert ed., The Renewal of Civilization: Essays in Honor of Jacques Maritain (Washington: American Maritain Association/Catholic University of America Press, 2010, pp. 152-173.
  • “Redeeming Modernism: Jacques Maritain and the Catholic Vocation,” in John P. Hittinger ed., The Vocation of the Catholic Philosopher: From Maritain to John Paul II (Washington D.C.: American Maritain Association/Catholic University of America Press, 2010), pp. 94-109.
  • “The Connatural Eye: Photography without Representation,” Philosophical InquiryInternational Quarterly Vol. XXIX, No 3-4, (Summer-Fall 2007): 41-57.
  • “Empire of Sin: Militant Theology and Ideology in Early American Missions to the Ottoman Near East,” New Perspectives on Turkey, 33, (Fall 2005): 5-41.
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  • “Ideology, Prejudice and Ethnic Conflict in George Horton’s The Blight of Asia: A Radical Narrative Reconsidered,” The Turkish Studies Association Bulletin, 25:1, (2001): 21-38.
  • “Philosophy Abandons Woman: Gender, Orality and Some Literate Presocratics, in Is Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy? E. Bianchi ed. (Chicago: Northwestern University Press), 1999, pp. 234-263.
  • “Classical Cocteau,” in Reviewing Orpheus: Essays on the Cinema and Art of Jean CocteauBucknell Review, Cornelia A. Tsakiridou ed., (Lewisburg: Bucknell Review/Associated University Presses, 1997), pp. 78-102.
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