Courtney Maloney, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Courtney Maloney, MSN, RN graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her BSN in 2003 and her MSN in Nursing and Healthcare Administration in 2011. Her clinical background includes medical surgical and perianesthesia nursing at Penn Medicine. Prior to joining LaSalle University, Courtney worked as the Director of Nursing Professional Practice at Penn Medicine-Pennsylvania Hospital. In that role, she served as the Magnet Program Director and led Pennsylvania Hospital through its first Magnet designation. Courtney has also served as the Director of Nursing Quality, Patient and Guest Relations and Volunteer Services. She has expertise in change management, clinical education, and quality improvement. She has published and presented at many national and local conferences on various topics

Areas of Expertise

Medical/Surgical Nursing
Peri-anesthesia Nursing
Healthcare Administration
Quality Improvement


University of Pennsylvania
Bachelors of Science in Nursing, 2003

University of Pennsylvania
Wharton Program for Working Professionals
Certificate in Human Resource Management, 2011

University of Pennsylvania
Master’s of Science in Nursing, Nursing and Health Care Administration, 2011


Nurs 202 Health Assessment
Nurl 331- Adult Health Clinica


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Podium Presentations

Boxer, B., Cassidy, C., Farrell, K. (2014, May) Knowledge is Power: A Standardized Method to Educate Clinical Nurses on Quality Data. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses. 2014 Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) National Forum.

Farrell, K., Reich, J., & Maloney, C. (May, 2015).  Increasing Teamwork and Collaboration among Clinical Nurses and Nursing Support Staff to Improve Patient Safety. Podium presentation at the 2015 QSEN national forum, San Diego CA

Reich, J., & Maloney, C. (October 2017).  Get your head into the cloud. Utilizing technology to streamline the magnet document submission process. Podium presentation at the 2017 ANCC Magnet Conference, Houston Texas

Accepted for Podium Presentation

Maloney, C. & Ruggiero, J. (October 2019) Engaging Nurses in Strategic Planning: Execution Through Autonomy. Podium presentation at the 2019 ANCC Magnet Conference, Orlando Florida

Poster Presentations

Hatfield, L., Del Guidice, M., Maloney, C., Kinzey, A., Knight, G., Pearce, M. (October 2015)  Does a Standardized Uniform Style and Color Influence the Professional Status of Registered Nurses? 2015 Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania 2015 Annual Research Conference.

Reich, J., Farrell, K., Cassidy, C., Coughlan, A., Maguire, P., Drayton, D., Johnson, T., & Del Guidice, M. Falls Advocates: An Innovating Strategy to Elevate Nursing Support Staff and Improve Patient Outcomes.  Poster presented at the 2015 AMSN national convention, Las Vegas Nevada.

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Del Guidice, M., Farrell, K., Maloney, C., Reich, J., Vanek, F., (March 2017) Development of an Innovative Team to Facilitate Nursing Excellence.  Poster presented at the 2017 AONE national convention, Baltimore Maryland.

Del Guidice, M., Farrell, K., Maloney, C., Reich, J., Vanek, F., (October 2017) Development of an Innovative Team to Facilitate Nursing Excellence.  Poster presented at the 2017 ANCC Magnet Conference , Houston Texas.