David Falcone, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Wister Hall M-2

David Falcone has been teaching at La Salle for over 30 years. During this time he has passed through periods marked primarily by research interests in developmental and cognitive psychology to interests in personality and cognitive styles. Presently, he is best described as a “generalist, a teacher whose interests represent an integration of methods and content areas aimed at critically understanding how psychologists and counselors address the professional questions we encounter and ask.

Areas of Expertise
Basic statistics
Cognitive psychology
Learning theory and personality

Ph.D., Cognition/ Developmental, University of Kentucky
M.S., Western Illinois University
B.S., General-Experimental, University of Dayton

PSY310/311: Statistics I and II
PSY425: Personality Theories
PCC/PCMF 506: Basic Principles or Research and Statistics
PCC 508: Learning and Cognition
Professional Memberships
Eastern Psychological Association