Jaimy Joy

Assistant Professor

Dr. Joy joined the La Salle University biology department in 2022. Prior to that, she did two post-doctoral fellowships; the first at Seattle Children’s Research Institute and the second at The University of Pennsylvania. Her post-doctoral works were focused on better understanding various aspects of HIV pathogenesis and cure in humans. During her training in Seattle, Dr. Joy was a STEP (Science Teaching Experience for Post-docs) fellow, which was when she discovered her passion for teaching and science education. For her doctoral work,  Dr. Joy studied regulation of NF-κB, a ubiquitous transcription factor, in B cells and the role of NF-kB in cellular senescence.

Dr. Joy’s lab has multiple research foci centered around the phenomenon of cellular senescence.

Joy Lab Objectives:

Identify whether and how antiretroviral therapy (ART) drugs used to treat HIV infection induce senescence in primary human cells.
Investigate how immune cells are affected by ART-induced senescence.
Curate known agents that promote senescence across different model systems.
Identify novel agents that induce senescence.

Outside of work, Dr. Joy enjoys baking, gardening, hiking, and growing her animal family.


2011, The Pennsylvania State University, B.S.

2017, Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D.


BIO 204: Antibiotic Discovery

BIO 471: Biology of Aging

BIO/ISBT 241: Product Validation

BIO 431: Biology of Cancer