Julia Hartman, MSW

Adjunct Professor
Social Work

Julia Hartman, ’10, is helping others overcome barriers as both a licensed social worker and life coach.

Helping others overcome obstacles in order to achieve their goals—and recover from traumatic situations—is one of Hartman’s objectives as a life coach and licensed social worker. She operates Julia Hartman Coaching concurrently with her full-time position as a licensed social worker in the emergency room at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Though the core responsibilities and qualifications of her two jobs may differ, the common denominator is her ability to help individuals recognize that barriers come in many forms.

From her social work background, she may incorporate therapeutic techniques with her coaching clients. Both therapists and life coaches focus on structured, action-oriented goal setting but life coaches don’t go deeply into mental health.

Julia teaches in La Salle’s Social Work Department via Zoom.