Katie Dunleavy, Ph.D.

Graduate Director, Associate Professor
Communication, Strategic Communication
Communication Center 202

In addition to being a productive scholar and professor, Katie Dunleavy is an avid runner. Katie was a 2011 participant in the Philadelphia Marathon and the 2012 Rock ‘n’ roll Half Marathon, and she says that running helps her to do two contradictory things—focus on ideas and make decisions, as well as clear her head and move past nagging issues.

Katie teaches Interpersonal, Group and Team, and Intercultural Communication, and she loves to explore the way these areas provide insight into her desire to understand why people say the things they do.

A suburban Washington, D.C., native, Katie is a diehard fan of West Virginia (and La Salle) sports teams.

Areas of Expertise
Instructional Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Family Communication

Ph.D., Communication Studies, West Virginia University
M.A., Communication Theory and Research, West Virginia University
B.A., Communication Studies, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Applied Communication Theory
Interpersonal Communication and Leadership
Group and Team Communication



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Dunleavy, K. N., & Martin, M. M. (2010). Instructors’ and students’ perspectives of student nagging: Frequency, appropriateness, and effectiveness.Communication Research Reports, 27, 310-319.

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Dunleavy , K. N., & Dougherty, K. (April, 2011). “’When is it over?’: Marital partners’ perceptions of effective repair. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Communication Association, Arlington, VA.

Dunleavy, K. N., & Freeman, A. (November, 2009). Graduate teaching assistants’ facetime: The how, when, and effects of facetime. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Chicago.

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