Kevin Carter, MSW

Adjunct Professor
Graduate, Social Work

Kevin Carter, MSW, LCSW is the Clinical Director at Uplift Center for Grieving Children in Philadelphia, and has his own private practice – BLF Innervisions – where he provides local and national training in the areas of grief and loss.

Kevin works with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to develop their own language for grief, factoring in culture, race, power and social location. His work focuses at the intersection of grief and racial trauma in BIPOC communities and with clinicians, educators and advocates who serve them.

He further believes that the emphasis on perceived pathology and the problem-focused approach has led social workers to shy away from advocacy and prosocial approaches to healing in communities of color.

A foundational element of this practice is to challenge social injustice. He hopes that his approach to issues through his consulting platform will help participants to develop historical and contemporary frameworks for understanding how African American children and families cope with grief and ongoing injustices related to death, dying and living by exploring systemic and relational approaches that honor the unique cultural and historical experiences of African Americans.