Mark A. Thomas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
International Relations, Political Science
HAYM 358

I am a La Salle alumnus and greatly enjoy mentoring students in my areas of expertise. While teaching is a part-time profession, it is a full-time vocation and I consider it a privilege to work with aspiring government professionals and academics. My past research dealt with the foreign policies of the countries of Central Europe, Ukraine, Russia and the other Soviet successor states. As the Global War on Terrorism unfolded, my research interests moved toward the role of the Supreme Court in influencing the course of National Security Law.

Areas of Expertise

  • Counterterrorism/Counterespionage
  • US Intelligence Policy and Foreign Intelligence Operations
  • Cyber Defense Policy
  • Russia/Ukraine
  • NATO and NATO Member-States
  • US Foreign and Defense Policies
  • Radicalization and Political Violence
  • Law of Armed Conflict and Human Rights Law
  • Misinformation/Disinformation


  • M.A., Ph.D. Political Science, University of Notre Dame
  • MBA, American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird)
  • BA, La Salle University
  • Certificate in Legislative Studies, Georgetown University


  • U.S. Government
  • International Relations; Globalization
  • Decision-making
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Political Thought/Theory
  • Political Analysis

Research and Publications

  • “The 2024 US Presidential Election and US Foreign Policy Toward Ukraine: Complex Modeling of US Foreign Policy.” Ukrainian Quarterly, Fall 2023.
  • “The Geneva Conventions and Russian Atrocities in Ukraine: War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity or Genocide.” Ukrainian Quarterly, Spring 2023.
  • “The Chinese Roots of Hybrid Warfare”. Europe’s Edge. Center for European Policy Analysis, “What the Public Needs to See and Say: Easier Guide to Early Detection of Armed Assailants.” Cogent Social Science Journal, May 2020.
  • “Smart Intelligence: From Joint to Coalition Intelligence Collaboration.” Military Intelligence Professional Review. April-June 2013.
  • Publications: “Lenin, Hitler and Stalin.” Ukrainian Quarterly, April 2010 (Book Review) “Cyber Espionage: What’s the Big Deal?” National Intelligence Journal, Vol 1., Number 1, (2009) (with Jeffrey Jones). “Soviet Intelligence Operations and the Legacy of John Paul II,” At the Crossroads of Cultures. Albert Kipa and Oleg Kupchinsky, eds., Philadelphia: St Sophia Press, 2008. “The United Nations at 40 Years.” (Book Review) Military Intelligence Professional Journal. Jan-Feb 1996.
  • Presentations: “The Niagara Movement’s Legacy in Brown vs Board of Education: A Case-Study on The Impact of Social Movements on the Supreme Court, National Conference Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Niagara Movement, Harpers Ferry WV, August 2006 “Soviet Intelligence Operations against John Paul II,” International Conference on John Paul II and Ukraine, Philadelphia PA, June 2005. “Modeling Political Risk for Multinational Corporations,” Co-authored with Llewellyn Howell, International Political Science Association, Las Vegas NV, May 1994. “The Development of Relations Between the European Communities and Comecon, Indiana Political Science Association, Indianapolis IN, May 1992.
  • Current Research Interests: Comparative Legislative and High Court Counterbalances to Executive Branch Initiatives During the Global War on Terrorism, Alliance Politics in the 21 st Century, Central European Energy Policies, Developments in National Security Law and Cyber Policy.