Preston Feden, Ed.D.

Professor Emeritus
American Studies, Education
Olney Hall 261

I am a former special education teacher at both the elementary and secondary levels. I have been a member of the La Salle University faculty since 1973. Recently, I was appointed Assistant Director of the University Honors Program. I received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1984 and the Provost’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 2001. In addition, I am the Founding Director of the La Salle University Teaching and Learning Center for Faculty Development, and La Salle University’s Philadelphia Center. My work has included consulting widely with school districts on applying cognitive science to instructional practice. I have made numerous presentations on student learning and faculty development in both basic education and higher education, all focused on the application of research from cognitive science in promoting deep learning and effective instruction. I co-authored a textbook titled Methods of Teaching: Applying Cognitive Science to Promote Student Learning (2004, McGraw-Hill). My latest article,Teaching without Telling: Contemporary Pedagogical Theory Put Into Practice,was recently accepted for publication in the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (JECT). In addition to being a member of the education department faculty and Assistant Director of the Honors program, I am also an affiliated faculty member in the American Studies program at La Salle. In that program, I teach a course related to the theme of medicine in America.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cognitive psychology applied to school learning
  • The cultural context of school learning
  • The sociology of American medicine
  • Educational assessment and curriculum adjustment in special education


  • Ed.D. Educational Psychology/Special Education, Temple University
  • M.Ed. Special Education, Temple University
  • A.B. Sociology, Franklin & Marshall College


  • Managing the Learning Environment (Pre-K through 4)
  • Cognitive Development
  • General Methods (7-12)
  • Secondary Education Summer Practicum
  • Medicine in America (American Studies)