Stefan Samulewicz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Holroyd Hall 229

Dr. Samulewicz received a B.S. from Villanova University in Comprehensive Science with a minor in Biology. He went on to the University of Delaware College of Marine Studies where he spent several years trudging through the salt marshes of lower Delaware and studying the adhesive proteins produced by the marine mussel Geukensia demissa, an important resident in the salt marsh community.

After graduating from University of Delaware, he had two post-doctoral appointments at The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. While at Wistar Dr. Samulewicz investigated the molecular basis for the unique healing capabilities of a strain of mouse called MRL, that differs from most other mammals in that it can regenerate a variety of tissues including ears, fingertips, and heart muscle.  He continued this and other research after coming to La Salle where he currently oversees student research involving protein purification, cell culture, and molecular techniques.

Dr. Samulewicz has been teaching in the Biology Department at La Salle since 2001. His courses include Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, and Ecology for non-majors. Dr. Samulewicz is the advisor for the Biology Club and participates in a variety of its annual events including ocean kayak trips, pumpkin carving at Halloween, and trips to Longwood Gardens.