Career Opportunities

Our students intern with all major Philadelphia sports teams – Eagles, Phillies, 76ers, Flyers, and Union – in a variety of roles, including video editing, marketing, public relations, and event management. Our students go on to full-time roles within these organizations immediately after graduation, supported by our strong network of Communication Department alumni who have dedicated their careers to Philadelphia sports.

With the help of our alumni network, students also land internships and jobs with leading public relations firms and advocacy organizations. Our alumni work as communication strategists for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Office of the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Aiden Davis-Diaz, ’23

Involved in: La Salle TV

Why did you choose La Salle?
I chose La Salle to play baseball and I stayed at La Salle because of an internship I got with the Philadelphia Eagles.

What has been your favorite memory?
Being able to go to Super Bowl LVII through my internship with the Philadelphia Eagles.

What does it mean to you to be an Explorer?
You’re never lost, you will always find your way.

What about your program prepared you for your next step?
I know how to communicate effectively and in different settings. Also, understanding how to edit video and how to shoot video are important skills.

What are your next steps after graduation?
I’m working with the Philadelphia Eagles in the video department.

La Salle has prepared me by expanding my network to include over 50,000 alumni around the world. These alumni are all #LaSalleProud and have always been eager to help undergraduate students like me. Especially in a field like public relations, knowing people is incredibly important. I’ve gotten several positions due to my La Salle network.

Ryan Wall, ’18