Career Opportunities

A degree in education offers more career options than teaching. A background in education can prepare you to take a leadership role in many other education-related jobs. Consider being a:

  • Teacher
  • Administrator
  • School Superintendent
  • Secretary of Education
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Instructional Coach or Leader
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Non-profit Program Coordinator
  • Student Support Specialist
  • Community Liaison


La Salle University’s program of study is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

I feel as though all young children, at some point, go through a phase of wanting to be a teacher: playing school, pretending to be the teacher, “grading papers.” I see myself as the girl who really never grew out of that phase. Since I can remember I have wanted to be an elementary school teacher.

Meghan Horleman, ’18