The Commuter and Off-Campus Student Association (COSA)

students at a booth representing COSA

The Commuter and Off-Campus Student Association (COSA) is the student government association for commuter and off-campus students at La Salle University. Their goal is to engage, advocate, and educate this unique population at La Salle University. They host general meetings, open to all students, biweekly to discuss any community concerns, upcoming events, and initiatives.

Also under the purview of the office is to oversee the Commuter and Off-Campus Student Association (COSA) – governing student organization of commuter and Off-Campus students, like that of a student government association. Their mission is to advocate, advise, create community, and celebrate the experience of both populations through programs, activities, town halls, and resources. Purely made up of commuter and Off-Campus student volunteers, the organization always seeks out highly motivated and intentional students looking to grow their project management, communication, and assessment skills.

Examples of their programming and activities include:

  • Monster Mash – Halloween celebration
  • Fall Fest – Thanksgiving based luncheon for students