Multicultural and International Center

multicultural recognition ceremony

At La Salle University, our exceptional students come from all walks of life—in fact, 35 percent are ethnically diverse, strengthening our community with fresh everyday insights and new ways of thinking about the world at large.

The mission of the Multicultural and International Center is to support our students with resources that address their specific needs and raise cultural awareness on campus. The center provides a wide range of academic support and personal development services and events, such as special luncheons, reunions, and employment workshops, for students from diverse backgrounds. We offer advocacy and advisement for U.S. minority students, international students, and students interested in studying abroad.

The Multicultural and International Center is committed to working with the entire campus community to improve awareness of, and appreciation for, racial and cultural diversity in the University and beyond. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions—we’re happy to be your guide.

Contact Us

Cherylyn L. Rush, Director, Multicultural Affairs | 1923 W. Olney Ave. | 215.951.1948

Melinda Massaro-Ingersoll, Director of International Student and Scholar Services | 1923 W. Olney Ave. | 215.951.1948